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custom vehicles engine temperature sensors

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Introducing our temperature sensor specifically engineered for automotive engines. Designed to operate reliably in extreme conditions, it covers a wide working range from -40°C to 125°C, ensuring optimal engine performance in various climate conditions. Its dependable performance and precise measurements make it the ideal choice for the automotive industry, guaranteeing engines operate at peak efficiency.


1.High heat resistance, fast response
2.High reliability and wide range of temperature can be used
3.Various products and complete models
4.Wide temperature range,good stability and high reliability
5.Can provide different both R and B value products with strong interchangeability and high precision

Parameters Characteristics

temperature sensor


1、New energy vehicle field of charging pile, battery equipment

(1)Charging guns and charging piles for new energy vehicles are increasingly important equipment in modern society. 

(2)In order to ensure its safe operation, a temperature sensor can be applied in the charging device to monitor the operating temperature. 

(3)Timely detect whether the equipment is too hot or too cold, and take appropriate measures to prevent the equipment from being damaged or causing harm to the user.

(4)The temperature sensor can monitor the temperature change of the charging equipment in real time and transmit the data to the control system. 

(5)When the temperature exceeds the safe range, the control system can issue an alarm or stop charging automatically to avoid overheating or overcooling. 

(6)This monitoring and protection mechanism can effectively protect the service life of the charging equipment and improve its reliability and safety.

household sensor

2、Industrial Equipment

(1)In addition, temperature sensors can help optimise the performance of the charging device. 

(2)By monitoring the operating temperature of the charging device, we can understand how the device performs at different temperatures and adjust and optimise it accordingly. 

(3)This helps to improve charging efficiency, reduce energy waste, and provide users with a better charging experience.

3、Medical Equipment

(1)In conclusion, the application of temperature sensors to monitor the operating temperature of new energy vehicle charging guns and charging piles is an important measure to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. 

(2)It prevents overheating or overcooling from harming the equipment and users, and improves the performance and reliability of the equipment. 

(3)With the popularity of new energy vehicles, the application of this technology will become more and more important, creating a safer and more convenient charging environment for us.

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