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BMS battery systems circular head temperature sensor

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Product Overview

1. NTC thermistor temperature sensors are characterized by a wide range of resistance values, high accuracy, good consistency, fast response time and high reliability. 

2. It is hermetically sealed in a double-layer and flex-resistant package for long-term stable operation with annual resistance drift of less than 1‰.

3. With an operating temperature range of -40 to 150°C, it can be packaged according to different installation environments. 

4. When used in an electric heater, it accurately detects changes in ambient temperature and controls the heating element to maintain the room temperature within the preset range. 

5.This enables efficient automatic temperature control for optimum comfort and energy savings.

Product Parameter



1. Industrial Transformers

( 1 ) The new energy vehicle monitors the rise in temperature of the motor coil by using temperature detectors.

( 2 ) Once the limit value is exceeded, the motor will automatically shut down to avoid damage caused by overheating.

( 3 ) The temperature detector is an important safety device that can descry the motor overheating problem in time. Take corresponding defensive measures to insure the stable operation of new energy vehicles.

( 4 ) In addition, the temperature detector can help optimize the functional effectiveness of the motor.

( 5 ) By covering temperature changes, the operating parameters are acclimated. Reduce energy consumption and ameliorate energy application effectiveness.

2. Industrial robot arm

( 1 ) In new energy vehicles, high perceptivity temperature detectors are extensively used to measure the operating temperature of motors, gearboxes and other outfit.

( 2 ) And give overheating warning and protection to insure the dependable operation of the outfit. These temperature detectors have high perce

ptivity and high delicacy, and can smell temperature changes in a timely manner.

( 3 ) Give early warning signals and take corresponding defensive measures, similar as reducing motor speed, shutting down outfit,etc. to avoid outfit damage and safety accidents caused by overheating.

( 4 ) These detectors can also help optimize the functional effectiveness of the outfit by covering temperature changes.

( 5 ) Acclimate the operating parameters to reduce energy consumption and ameliorate the effectiveness of energy application.

robot arm

3. Wind Turbine

(1) Wide temperature range detectors for new energy vehicles are designed to accurately measure the temperature of important components, such as motors and gearboxes. 

(2) By comparing these measurements with the normal temperature range, the detectors provide real-time information about the vehicle's operating condition. 

(3) These detectors are capable of functioning effectively in extreme temperature environments, ensuring stable operation of vehicle components and enhancing overall safety performance. 

(4) Adjusting the operating parameters based on these measurements not only reduces energy consumption but also improves energy utilization efficiency.

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