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Battery epoxy resin coating small temperature sensor

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Product Features

1. This Li-ion battery temperature sensor is specially designed for new energy vehicles, because the new energy vehicle market is currently being vigorously upgraded, and the lithium battery is an important part of new energy vehicles. 

2. Its sensor will certainly need to be taken seriously, and this temperature sensor of ours is made of epoxy lead coating, which can protect itself in all aspects and ensure that the temperature sensor can perform its function stably and continuously.

3. The temperature sensor has a wide range of resistance values, from 1KΩ to 500KΩ, and a high degree of accuracy for resistance values 3 and B, allowing it to quickly and accurately reflect ambient temperature. 

4. It also has the advantage of being small and easy to install and replace. With an operating temperature range of -40 to 125°C, it ensures great stability and safety while the vehicle is in motion.


Product Applications

(1)Automotive battery is the core component of electric vehicles, and its performance directly affects the service life, economy and safety of the vehicle. 

Battery management system (BMS) ensures the normal operation of the battery by monitoring the battery voltage, current, temperature, etc. Various sensors in the BMS system, especially the temperature sensors, are crucial to realize accurate monitoring.

(2)The BMS will set the temperature warning and protection value, when the battery temperature is too high or too low, the temperature sensor can quickly feedback the temperature signal, the BMS will automatically activate the protection after receiving the signal to avoid battery damage.

 At the same time, the temperature sensor can help the BMS system optimize the battery charging strategy to maximize the battery capacity under the premise of ensuring charging safety.

(3)The negative temperature coefficient NTC thermistor is used as the temperature sensor, and its working principle is: when the temperature rises, the resistance value of NTC will be reduced, the BMS reads the change of resistance value, monitors the battery temperature in real time, and carries out precise control of the battery state, thus ensuring the safety and reliability of the system.

Product Advantages

1. Battery Pack Temperature Sensors

(1)Designed specifically for battery packs, our battery pack temperature sensors are highly accurate and stable. 

(2)By monitoring the temperature of the battery pack in real time, our sensors help users to detect temperature abnormalities in a timely manner, thus avoiding safety issues caused by overheating or overcooling of the battery. 

(3)Our sensors provide reliable temperature data to ensure the safe operation of battery packs.

2. Battery packs small thermistors

(1)The small thermistors used in our sensors are suitable for applications where space is limited, such as in battery packs. 

(2)The small size not only saves space, but also offers more flexible mounting options. 

(3)Whether for electric vehicles, energy storage systems or other battery applications, our sensors accurately measure temperature to ensure stable battery pack operation.

3. Battery packs plastic coating thermistor

(1)We use fast-response epoxy-coated or plastic-coated thermistors for our sensors. 

(2)This design allows the sensor to quickly sense temperature changes and accurately reflect them in the measurement results. 

(3)The fast response time helps the user to know the temperature of the battery pack in time and take appropriate measures to maintain the normal operating temperature of the battery pack.

Ordering instructions

For battery packs fast response epoxy resin coating thermistors


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