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Automotive battery pack high precision NTC thermistor

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1. Nuclear thermistor temperature sensor

2. Wide scope resistance: 1kΩ to 500kΩ

3. Great consistency and stability, interchangeable resistance value and B value

4. Nice isolation performance, high reliability, fast response

5. With double sealing craft, good insulation and sealing, anti-mechanical shock, anti-bending ability and high reliability

6. Being suitable for long-term stable operation (annual resistance drift rate ≤1‰)

7. Packaging according to installation conditions is available

8. Scope of working temperature: -40~180℃


1. Cars, motor vehicles, natural energy vehicles

2. Healthcare equipment, novel temperature measurement, communication equipment

3. Porters, Photocopy machines, electrical motors, PC, industrial automation devices

4. Refrigerator, air conditioner, hot water heater, battery charger, induction cooker, toaster, temperature detection of disinfection cabinet

5. Fire alarm, ocean, deep well, glacier temperature measurement, army industry

Automotive battery pack high precision NTC thermistor

Product Characteristic Parameters

Hot reaction time ≤16 seconds in water bath
Coefficient of dissipation about 2.6mW/℃ in standing air
Pressure resistance test 2mA 1 second, no flashover, breakdown and other abnormal phenomena in the steel ball
Test of insulation 100 m Ω, steel ball ≥100MΩ
Power rating ≤10mW
Operation temperature range -30℃ ~ 125℃

Ordering instructions

Automotive battery pack high precision NTC thermistor


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