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Industrial ring shape terminals temperature sensor

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Product Overveiw

1. With superior heat resistance, this automotive-specific temperature thermistor is capable of maintaining normal operation at extreme temperatures. 

2. With a wide temperature range and high sensitivity, this sensor reacts to the environment in the shortest possible time. Not only does it have good insulation and sealing properties, but it can also withstand mechanical shocks. 

3. This temperature sensor is also very easy to assemble, making it easier to install in cars and other products during use.

Parameters Characteristics




1. Charging stations and smart car chargers

(1)It allows new energy vehicles to efficiently and safely replenish energy when needed. 

(2)The temperature sensor is also indispensable for car inverters, as it is able to detect the external temperature environment in a relatively short period of time with a high degree of sensitivity.

2. Heat pump water heaters

(1)This temperature sensor can be useful in the operation of a heat pump water heater as it is very responsive. 

(2)The principle of operation of a heat absorber is similar to that of a small water pump, in that it recycles heat energy by converting it into electrical energy, which is then transferred to an electric heating element.

Ordering information

High heat resistance fast response ring shape terminals temperature sensor


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