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  • Q What is the accuracy and precision of the NTC Temperature Sensor?

    A The NTC Temperature Sensor is typically accurate to within 0.5°C and precise to within 0.1°C. The accuracy and precision of a sensor will depend on its specific model, so it is important to consider your particular application when selecting a sensor.
  • Q How durable is the NTC Temperature Sensor?

    A The NTC Temperature Sensor is very durable and can withstand harsh industrial environments. It is shock, vibration, and corrosion-resistant, allowing it to operate reliably in tough conditions for long periods of time.
  • Q What is the response time of the NTC Temperature Sensor?

    A The response time of an NTC Temperature Sensor depends on its sampling rate, as well as its thermal characteristics. Generally speaking, most NTC Temperature Sensors have a response time of a few hundred milliseconds or less.
  • Q How does the NTC Temperature Sensor measure temperature?

    A An NTC temperature sensor works by measuring the electrical resistance of the thermistor in response to a change in temperature. When the temperature of the thermistor increases, its electrical resistance decreases, and vice versa. The NTC Temperature Sensor measures this variation in resistance, which can then be converted into a temperature reading.
  • Q What components does the NTC Temperature Sensor include?

    A The NTC Temperature Sensor includes a thermistor, a printed circuit board (PCB), and a connector. The connector can be either a B-style or M-style connector, depending on the model of sensor. The PCB provides the interface between the thermistor and the electronics, allowing the thermistor's electrical resistance to be measured.
  • Q What range of temperature does the NTC Temperature Sensor cover?

    A The NTC Temperature Sensor covers a wide range of temperatures, from -40°C to 150°C. It can also be calibrated to detect temperatures between -20°C and +120°C.
  • Q What is the resistance requirement?

    A Can be selected according to the table
  • Q How much is B value required?

    A Can be selected according to the table
  • Q Work environment?

    A Does it need to be waterproof, moisture-proof, cold-resistant and other
  • Q What is the purpose?

    A Choose different temperature-resistant wires and different resistance values for different purposes

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