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Engines commercial car temperature sensor

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Automotive temperature sensing is a clear and simple structure with excellent performance, and can be widely used in various fields of the automotive industry. Its outstanding sensitivity has been the focus of attention in the automotive industry. With its outstanding sensitivity, the automotive temperature sensor is able to quickly detect any heat caused by acceleration or other reasons while the car is in motion, thus protecting the safety of the car to the greatest extent possible. 

Since this automotive sensor is produced in large quantities, the temperature sensor is consistent and cost effective in the process of uniform machine production. As the resistance and B-values are interchangeable, the accuracy of information acquisition is improved. The final reason for the focus on this automotive sensor is because of its good insulation. The important reason behind this is the two-layer sealing process, which is better able to mitigate machine shocks.


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(1) Air conditioning and engine operation of a car necessarily require the use of sensors. 

(2) This temperature sensor can sense the water and oil temperature of the car and monitor whether its temperature exceeds a certain value. 

(3) It ensures the safety of the car in the process of driving, protects the driver of the car and the car riders, and plays a significant role in the stable development of society. 

(4) Diesel engine is an engine that burns diesel fuel to obtain energy release. 

(5) It was invented by German inventor Rudolf Diesel in 1892, and in order to honor this inventor, diesel is used his last name Diesel to say, and diesel engine is also called Diesel engine. 

(6) Diesel oil temperature is also suitable for the use of this temperature sensor. Under the escort of this temperature sensor, the diesel engine can play the maximum role.

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