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​Could you know the advantages of this epoxy thermistor?

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The continuous progress of science and technology promotes the development of productive forces. The technology of resistance is constantly updated, various thermistors have emerged, and the types of thermistors have increased day by day. The epoxy thermistor can be well insulated to ensure better operation of the thermistor. The use of an epoxy thermistor can assist people to detect the temperature range and ensure the temperature safety of the equipment.

How does epoxy thermistor play a protective role?

What do you need to know about epoxy thermistor customization?

How do epoxy thermistors prevent pollution?

How does epoxy thermistor play a protective role?

When the circuit is working normally, the temperature of the epoxy thermistor is close to room temperature and the resistance is very small. It will not hinder the flow of current when connected in series in the circuit; and when the circuit has overcurrent due to a fault, the thermistor will increase the healing power. When the temperature rises, when the temperature exceeds the switching temperature, the resistance will instantly increase, and the current in the loop will quickly decrease to a safe value. After the epoxy thermistor operates, the current in the circuit has been greatly reduced. Due to the good design ability of the polymer epoxy thermistor, its temperature sensitivity can be adjusted by changing its switching temperature (ts), so it can play two roles of over-temperature protection and over-current protection at the same time.

epoxy thermistor

What do you need to know about epoxy thermistor customization?

The epoxy resin electric heating plate heating element is non-standard customized, please provide the following information before placing an order:

1. Have you ever used this series of products? (Our company accepts customization/sample processing)

2. Customized parameters: product size specifications/ (special shapes provide CAD1:1 drawings)

3. Customized parameters: What material is the product application/heating for?

4. Customized parameters: product wiring method, lead position?

6. Customized parameters: use ambient temperature? High and low-temperature conditions of the environment.

7. Customized parameters: product temperature? (How much temperature value needs to be reached) Is there a heating time requirement or power requirement?

8. Customized parameters: whether you need a thermostat/fuse/thermostat/temperature sensor.

How do epoxy thermistors prevent pollution?

Epoxy thermistor To prevent the temperature sensor from malfunctioning and avoid contamination, appropriate precautions should be taken when the temperature sensor is used in harsh environments. Do not subject the transition junction to temperatures higher or lower than the epoxy seal or transition junction can withstand. Please refer to the specifications of the temperature sensor, or contact the manufacturer of the temperature sensor to obtain the transition junction temperature specifications. If the transition point is likely to be exposed to high temperature or even weak high temperature, it is recommended to use a heat shield or radiator.

The development of science and technology promotes the continuous upgrading of the performance and quality of resistors. Different types of thermistors are suitable for machine requirements in many fields. Our company has professional technical personnel to create customized products and provide high-quality services. At the same time, we have a fast logistics system to ensure that the products are delivered to you quickly. If you want to order such products of our company, please click on our company's website:

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