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Car water and oil temperature temperature sensor

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Product Overview

Specifically designed for new energy vehicles, this temperature sensor has a resistance range from 1KΩ to 500KΩ. In addition, it has high thermal conductivity and excellent heat transfer capability. The insulation performance is of high quality and reliability, which ensures the smooth operation of the car.


  • Automotive Battery Packs

The battery pack of new energy vehicles works under high temperature, which will affect the service life and safety of the battery. Battery temperature sensor can monitor the temperature change of the battery in real time. When the battery temperature is too high, the vehicle control system can start the battery cooling system to reduce the battery temperature to ensure the safety of the battery. This is an important application of temperature sensors in the battery management system of new energy vehicles.

  • Drive Motor

The drive motor of a new energy vehicle generates a large amount of heat when working under high load for a long time. Real-time monitoring of motor temperature is crucial to ensure the reliability of the drive motor. Temperature sensors for the motor windings and chassis are installed in the vehicle. When the motor temperature is too high, the on-board control system can reduce the motor output power. At the same time, the motor cooling system is turned on to prevent overheating and damage to the motor.

  • Air Conditioning System

In order to ensure a comfortable temperature environment in the cab, new energy vehicles are equipped with air conditioning systems. The temperature sensor can detect the temperature inside the vehicle in real time. Based on the feedback from the temperature sensor, the air conditioning system intelligently controls the air volume, wind direction and heat to accurately regulate the temperature inside the vehicle, giving passengers a comfortable ride.

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