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Design Your Own Products In Different Fields

We provide customized NTC sensors to meet your temperature sensing needs. Our engineering team cooperates with each of our customers to understand the customer's temperature sensing application, and provide NTC temperature sensor parts to meet their specific needs. We design and manufacture our customers' temperature sensors, so our customers can rest assured that customers can accept the most stable, accurate and reliable NTC temperature sensor.
We can provide not only the NTC thermistor components produced by Fuwen, but also the shell, connector, cable assembly and various other parts required for NTC temperature probes, and make temperature sensor products required by customers according to customer requirements.

How much resistance is required (can be selected according to the above table)
How much B value is required (can be selected according to the above table)
Working environment (whether waterproof, moisture-proof, cold-resistant and others are required)
Purpose: Choose different temperature-resistant wires for different purposes, different resistance values, etc.
What is the operating temperature range?
Accuracy requirements (1%-5% optional)
Shell material (copper, brass, stainless steel, ABS, epoxy resin, etc.)
Shell size (all can be customized)
Wire and length (all can be customized)
Does the end of the wire need a connector? (Molex, JST, CJT, etc. are optional).

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