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Used in oil and water temperature monitoring sensors

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Product Overview

1. Transducer is the information source of automobile electronic control system, which is the basic key component of automobile electronic control system. Normally, sensors are composed of sensitive elements, conversion elements and conversion circuits.

2. Among them, the sensitive element is the part of the sensor that can directly feel or respond to the measurement.Conversion element is to convert the above non-electrical quantity into electrical parameters. 

3. The role of the conversion circuit is to convert the electrical signals output from the conversion element into parts that are easy to process, display, record and control after processing.


1. Automotive applications of temperature sensors enable precise control and monitoring of temperature in automobiles to improve driver comfort and safety. 

2. Applications of these sensors play an important role in engine temperature monitoring, air conditioning system control, tire temperature monitoring, coolant temperature monitoring and seat heating control.

1. Engine Temperature Monitoring

(1)Temperature sensors are used to monitor the temperature of the engine. With the sensor, the engine temperature changes are detected and real-time data is provided to help the engine control system regulate the work of the cooling system. 

(2)By ensuring that the engine operates within the appropriate temperature range, it improves combustion efficiency and extends engine life.

2. Tire Temperature Monitoring

(1)The temperature sensor is used to monitor the temperature of the tires. 

(2)Sensor is able to feel the temperature change of tires and provide real-time data to help the driver understand the working condition of tires. 

(3)In this way, overheating or abnormalities in the tires can be detected in a timely manner to avoid safety issues such as tire blowouts.

3. Coolant Temperature Monitoring

(1)Technology sensors are used to monitor the temperature of the coolant in a vehicle. 

(2)The sensor senses changes in coolant temperature and provides real-time data to help the cooling system regulate the circulation and heat dissipation effect of the coolant. 

(3)This maintains the normal operating temperature of the engine and prevents overheating and damage.

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