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Electric motors waterproof and oil-proof thermistor

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With good sealing, this waterproof automotive thermistor is perfectly isolated from the outside world. Adopting Teflon tube makes it more durable and less prone to aging. This waterproof automotive thermistor also has excellent anti-interference capability and works well in harsh environments. Besides, having high sensitivity allows the sensor to quickly respond to the temperature environment. 

Most particularly, its good resistance to thermal cycling maintains stable performance even in high temperature environments. Such features make it an ideal thermocouple measuring device. Its products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, and light industry.


The car temperature sensor is widely used in the automotive field, specifically in diesel oil temperature testing, automotive electrical machinery, and battery packs. Having the temperature sensor protects the car battery to provide electricity properly during the use, and protects the driver's safety on the road. 

Meanwhile, this automotive temperature sensor can also be used in home range and communication field as ambient temperature and computer temperature measurement.

Product Features

1.Thermal reaction time: ≤25 seconds in water bath
2.Dissipation factor: about 2.6mW/℃ in standing air
3.Withstand voltage test: AC 1800V 2mA 1 second
4.Insulation test:DC 500V ≥100MΩ
5.Rated power:≤10mW
6.Operating temperature range:0℃~180℃

Ordering instructions

Used for electric motors waterproof and oil-proof NTC thermistor


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