1. 3D printer
2. Temperature detection and temperature compensation of office automation equipment (such as copiers, printers, etc.)
3. Temperature control and detection of industrial, medical, environmental protection, meteorological, food processing equipment
4. Automotive air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, drinking water


1. Good stability and high reliability
2. Due to the purchased glass package, it can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity
3. Small size, firm structure, easy to install automatically
4. Using a new technology, it can work for a long time. (Annual resistance drift rate≤1%)
5. Cost-effective, economical and practical.
6. Glass package, high temperature resistance, fast response

Product parameter characteristics:

1. Thermal reaction time: 16 seconds max in water bath

2. Dissipation coefficient: about 2.6mW/℃ in standing air

3. Insulation test: ≥100MΩ

4. Operating temperature: -40℃~300℃

Why Choose JPET's Smart Home temperature sensor

Different Types Of Smart Home temperature sensor

Our products can be applied to different fields, such as:automobile industry,communication equipment,consumer electronics,energy industry.If you also need the corresponding application, please feel free to contact us
Automobile industry
Automobile Industry

Customized---Satisfy Your Ideas

GuangDong JPET Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of NTC thermistors, glass-encapsulated thermistors, and temperature sensors. It is packaged into the required shape with insulating, thermally conductive and waterproof materials, which is convenient for installation and remote temperature measurement and control. It can be packaged according to the installation conditions of use, and custom dimensions are accepted.

Custom Process Steps

Customers put forward product requirements
Customized samples on demand
Sample communication confirmation
The customer confirms the sample to place the order
Schedule production
Confirm delivery time
Outbound delivery
Pay the balance

We Provide Professional & High-quality Smart 

Home temperature sensor To The World

  Product support customization
  Fine Process
  Good Stability
  Responsive
  Excellent Material

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