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Battery packs New energy vehicles custom Temperature Sensor

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Product Description

1. With stable performance, high reliability, small size, fast response, high sensitivity and good thermal cycling, this sensor is a good choice. It can work in a wide temperature range of -40-150℃. 

2. It can be used in home appliances, computers, battery packs for new energy vehicles, and other equipment or other applications.

3. Compact and lightweight, the sensor is easy to install and transport. High sensitivity and precision ensure the accuracy and stability of measurement data. 

4. The sensor has good thermal cycling performance and can withstand high temperatures and frequent temperature changes to ensure the stability of the sensor.

Product Advantages

(1)Highly Accurate Measurement

  • The new energy battery temperature sensor makes use of cutting-edge technology to precisely measure the temperatures of the air, batteries, homes, and vehicles in real time.

  • It can provide precise temperature data in hot summers or bitterly cold winters to guarantee that machinery and vehicles run as they should.

(2)Versatile application

  • The sensor is not only suitable for new energy batteries, but can also be widely used for temperature monitoring in houses and cars. 

  • Whether in domestic, commercial or industrial environments, it can provide accurate temperature data to help users monitor and regulate the temperature in real time and improve the efficiency of energy utilization.

(3)High reliability and durability

  • The new energy battery temperature sensor is made with premium components and cutting-edge technology, offering outstanding stability and endurance.

  • The quality and dependability of the data are ensured since it can operate for an extended period of time under challenging environmental circumstances without being impacted by elements like temperature changes, humidity, or vibration.

(4)Save time and effort: 

  • The sensor is simple to install and only has to be connected and set up in order to function.

  • It contains automatic calibration and warning features that can identify unusual temperatures and provide notifications in good time, assisting users in acting quickly to prevent damage to machinery and automobiles.

(5)Strong compatibility: 

  • The new energy battery temperature sensor may be connected to smart home systems, automotive electronics, and a wide range of other devices and systems without any issues.

  • Through the use of a computer or mobile device, users may remotely check and adjust the temperature, making life and work more convenient.

  • It can satisfy user needs in the home, workplace, or automotive sectors.

computer sensor


1. Computer Cooling System

(1)During computer operation, the CPU and other electronic components generate a lot of heat. 

(2)Temperature switches monitor the temperature of computer components and activate cooling devices.

(3)Such as fans or heat sinks, when the temperature reaches a set value to prevent the computer from overheating and becoming damaged.

2. Data Centers

(1)Data centers usually have a large number of servers and network devices that generate a lot of heat. 

(2)Temperature switches can monitor the temperature of the server room in real time and control the switching of the air conditioning system according to the set value to ensure that the temperature of the server room is within the appropriate range and to guarantee the normal operation of the equipment.

3. Computer Power Management

(1)In some high-performance computers or servers, the power consumption is very high and generates a lot of heat. 

(2)In order to save energy and prolong the life of electronic components, temperature switches can monitor the temperature of the power supply or electronic components and automatically reduce power consumption or perform hibernation operation when the temperature reaches a certain level.

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