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Office roller printer custom temperature sensor

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Product Overview

(1)Ideal for monitoring automobile temperature, long service life. 

(2)The sensitive element is shielded by a glass encapsulation, which guarantees the sensor's dependability and stability. 

(3)Firm contact can be made with the monitored surface thanks to the light-touch design. 

(4)Controlled precise position for accurate and trustworthy temperature monitoring. 

(5)We are confident that this item will satisfy your requirements for monitoring car temperature.

Product Parameters

temperature switch

Product Application

1. Central Air Conditioning

(1)An workplace can monitor temperature changes in real time by installing temperature sensors in the central air conditioning system. 

(2)The central air conditioning system can intelligently change the cooling capacity in accordance with sensor feedback data. to keep the workplace at a comfortable 22–25 °C temperature. 

(3)Office productivity can be increased and energy use for air conditioning can be decreased with reasonable temperature management.

2. Wall Warranty

(1)Temperature sensors installed in office walls can monitor the walls for insulation anomalies. 

(2)If the wall temperature is too low, it means that the wall is diseased and has lost its insulation function. 

(3)The relevant department will be alerted to the wall temperature anomaly by the sensor, and the office building will be inspected and maintained in a timely manner.

3. Human body temperature measurement

(1)At the workplace door, infrared sensors for humans are set up to monitor visitors' body temperatures. 

(2)In order to stop epidemics from spreading across the office, security staff who respond to an abnormally high temperature alarm will take the person's temperature again and check for fever symptoms. 

(3)At the entrance to the office space is an automated temperature monitoring program.

Used to monitor the printer roller temperature NTC thermistor

Appearance drawing

temperature sensor

Ordering instructions

temperature sensor


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