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High sensitivity washing machine temperature sensor

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Product Overview

With high sensitivity and fast response speed, this product has a compact structure, good waterproof performance and easy installation. It has a wide range of applicable temperature, high stability, high reliability and high precision. It can provide different R value and B value products, strong interchangeability. All in all, it is a high performance temperature sensor with high sensitivity and good stability.

Products Parameters

sensor parameter


1. Refrigerator defrost control

By utilizing a thermistor to detect the temperature of the evaporator, the system can effectively feedback and control the power-off time. 

This precise control over the automatic defrosting cycle ensures that large ice cubes do not form, which could otherwise adversely affect the system's performance. 

The thermistor plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal operating conditions and prolonging the lifespan of the evaporator.

2. Rice Cooker Cooking Control

Installed inside the rice cooker, the thermistor accurately measures the temperature of the rice, allowing for precise control over the heating time based on the desired set temperature. 

This ensures that the rice is cooked to perfection, avoiding the unpleasant texture of being mushy or overcooked. 

The thermistor plays a vital role in achieving consistent and flavorful results, making it an essential component in any rice cooker.

3. Electric blanket temperature control

Strategically placed within the electric blanket, the thermistor constantly monitors the temperature. 

If it detects that the temperature has risen too high, it immediately triggers a safety mechanism to cut off the power supply. 

This crucial function effectively prevents any potential burns or injuries from occurring, ensuring the safe use of the electric blanket. 

The thermistor thus plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and reliability of the product, providing peace of mind to users.

Ordering Instructions

temperature sensor

RT table of conventional resistance values

RT table of conventional resistance values


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