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hydraulic wireless led smart home temperature sensor

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Product description

(1)This temperature sensor measures ambient temperature in real time by utilizing powerful MEMS micro-electro-mechanical technology. 

(2)Simple MCU and DSP interfaces that support I2C, SPI, and other widely used communication protocols are used for sensor output digital signals. 

(3)It is an excellent option for the Internet of Things, industrial automation, consumer electronics, and other industries since it is solid, dependable, well-sealed, and adaptable to hostile environments.

household sensor

Product Applications

1. Food Production Lines

(1)On food production lines, temperature sensors are utilized to track temperature changes in real time during each stage of preparation and packaging. 

(2)Monitoring the temperature of cheese during fermentation and storage, as well as the core temperature of meat during cooking, are two examples. 

(3)This maximizes food quality and ensures crucial temperature control points during food preparation.

2. Food Storage

(1)Temperature sensors are utilized to keep track of the warehouse's temperature while food is being stored there.

(2)The sensor will sound an alarm if the temperature goes above the range that is safe for food. 

(3)Aid the personnel in timely temperature adjustments to prevent food spoiling. 

(4)The temperature change data can also be captured at the same time to analyze warehouse operations and boost warehousing efficiency.

3. Food Transportation

(1)Temperature sensors are installed in the vehicle or container during food transit to track temperature changes in real time. 

(2)When the temperature varies too much, you can swiftly take steps to preserve heat and chill the food to keep it in the best possible condition. 

(3)lessen the negative effects of transportation on food quality.

Product Parameters 


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