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Applied to automotive oil temperature high precise temperature sensor

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1. The structure is simple 

2. Excellent performance 

3. High  perceptivity 

4. Quick thermal response time 

5. Mass  product is cost-effective and affordable 

6. High  perfection and good  thickness 

7. The resistance value and the B value are  exchangeable 

8. Good  sequestration, high  trustability and quick response 

9. Using double- subcaste sealing process, good  sequestration and sealing 

10. Resistance to mechanical shock, bending resistance, high  trustability 

11. Can work stably for a long time( periodic resistance drift rate ≤ 1)


temperature sensor


1. Water and Oil Temperature Control

Temperature sensors in your vehicle monitor the engine's water and oil temperatures to ensure proper engine operation. by controlling the operation of the cooling and heating systems. Temperature sensors can help maintain proper water and oil temperatures to protect the engine and increase its efficiency.

2. Diesel Oil Temperature Monitoring

In some diesel engines, temperature sensors are used to monitor fuel temperature. This helps prevent the fuel from overheating during delivery, thus ensuring fuel efficiency and engine performance.

3. Automotive Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors in automobiles are used to monitor the temperature inside and outside the vehicle. These sensors can provide information about the climate control system. It helps in maintaining the right temperature inside the car and improves the comfort of the passengers.

4. Automotive Air Conditioning Systems

Temperature sensors play a key role in automotive air conditioning systems. These sensors monitor the temperature and humidity inside the vehicle and transmit the data to the air conditioning system. to regulate the amount of air supply and cooling to provide a comfortable driving environment.

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Applied to automotive oil temperature high precise temperature sensor


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