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Household air conditioner temperature measurement

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Product Overview

This temperature sensor is highly integrated, stable and reliable. It is suitable for both daily life and industrial applications.

1、The sensor structure is compact, easy to install.

2、High sensitivity and quick response of the sensor.

3、Wide temperature measurement range and excellent stability.

4、Double sealing process, good waterproof performance.

5、Optional resistance and B value, interchangeable, high precision.

6、High mechanical impact and bending strength, good reliability.

7、Long-term stable work, annual drift rate of ≤ 1%.


sensor parameter

Product Advantages

1. High Accuracy

(1)Our home air conditioner temperature sensors use advanced technology to accurately measure indoor temperature. 

(2)Users can adjust air conditioning settings based on the measurement results to achieve a comfortable indoor temperature. 

(3)With high accuracy and stability, the sensor provides reliable temperature data to help users effectively control energy consumption.

2. Stability

(1)Using a special design, our air stabilized temperature sensors are able to maintain stable temperature measurements in different environments. 

(2)Whether the temperature fluctuates indoors or changes outside, the sensor provides accurate temperature data. 

(3)This stability allows users to better understand the indoor environment and adjust accordingly.

3. Anti-interference

(1)For temperature measurement in a variety of industrial environments, our industrial temperature sensor is suitable. 

(2)It has high durability and anti-interference capability, and can work stably under harsh working conditions. 

(3)The sensor can be widely used in industrial automation, production line monitoring and instrumentation to provide reliable temperature monitoring and control for industrial processes.

Product Applications

1. Home Air Conditioning

(1)With our Home Air Conditioner Temperature Sensors, we can be used in home air conditioning systems. 

(2)By installing the sensor, users can monitor the indoor temperature in real time and adjust the air conditioning settings based on the measurement results to achieve a comfortable indoor environment. 

(3)The high accuracy and stability of the sensor ensures accurate temperature measurement, providing the temperature control and energy management that users need.

2. Temperature Stabilized Environments

(1)Use our air stabilized temperature sensors in locations where a stable temperature environment needs to be maintained, such as laboratories, medical facilities, and more. 

(2)The sensors are able to provide stable temperature measurements in a variety of environments, ensuring that the ambient temperature is always in the desired range. 

(3)This stability makes the sensors widely used in scenarios where precise temperature control is required.

3. Industrial Temperature Monitoring

(1)Our industrial temperature sensors can be used for temperature monitoring in a variety of industrial environments. 

(2)Whether it's a production line, storage facility or process, the sensors provide reliable temperature data to help users realize temperature monitoring and control. 

(3)The high durability and anti-interference capability of the sensors make them suitable for harsh industrial environments, ensuring the stability and safety of industrial processes.

Ordering Instructions

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R-t table of conventional resistance values

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