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Printers quick response time temperature sensor

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  • OI系列

Product Overview

1. The contact surface has good resilience

2. Fast response

3. High reliability

4. Suitable for measuring the surface temperature of the heating element

5. Standard office fax equipment sensor

6. Operating temperature range: -20-230℃

7. Thermal time constant: ≤3S

8. Dissipation factor: 0.3mW/℃

household sensor


1. Temperature control electric heater

(1)During the cold winter months, the temperature in the office may drop. Affect employee productivity and comfort. Temperature sensors can be embedded in electric heaters to monitor indoor temperatures in real time. 

(2)Automatically control the heating function of the electric heater according to the set temperature requirements. In this way, employees can work in a warm environment, increasing productivity and comfort.

2. Temperature monitoring refrigerator

(1)Refrigerators in offices are often used to store food and drinks. Temperature sensors can be embedded in the refrigerator to monitor the temperature inside the refrigerator. 

(2)Ensure that food and beverages are stored at safe temperatures. The sensor can detect temperature anomalies in time. 

(3)Maintain the right temperature with alarms or automatic adjustment of the refrigeration or freezing function. 

(4)This way, employees can store food and drinks with peace of mind, keeping them fresh and safe.

3. Temperature-sensitive seat

(1)Prolonged sitting can cause physical discomfort, especially when office temperatures are high during the summer months. 

(2)Temperature sensors can be embedded in office chair chairs to monitor employee body temperature and seat surface temperature. 

(3)Sensors automatically adjust the ventilation or heating function of the seat based on the employee's body temperature and seat temperature, providing a comfortable sitting experience. 

(4)In this way, employees can work in comfortable seats and reduce fatigue and discomfort.

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Printers quick response time reliability NTC temperature sensor


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