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Quick response insulated box NTC thermistor sensor

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Product Overview

JPTF series is NTC thermistor temperature sensor. It has a wide range of resistance from 1KΩ to 500KΩ. 

They are not only highly accurate, but also consistent, and the resistance value and B value can be used interchangeably. In addition, it has excellent insulation properties and fast response time. 

The product is sealed with a double-layer sealing process, which provides excellent insulation and waterproof performance.

 It is not easily damaged and can withstand mechanical impacts, and also has the ability to resist bending and deformation.

JPTF series has high reliability, can work stably for a long time, and the annual resistance drift rate is less than 1‰. Users can customize the package according to different installation conditions, very flexible. Overall, JPTF series is a thermistor temperature sensor with excellent performance.

Product Applications 

1. Smartphone overheating protection

Arrange the thermistor in the heat dissipation area of the smartphone circuit board, when the cell phone heats up too much, adjust the CPU power according to the feedback of the temperature detected by the thermistor to avoid overheating and damaging the electronic components.

2. Air conditioner thermostat

Using thermistor to detect the current indoor temperature in real time, send the data to the main controller of the air conditioner for closed-loop temperature control to stabilize the indoor temperature.

3. Electric Blanket Overheating Protection

Built-in thermistor temperature probe in the electric blanket, when the temperature is too high, disconnect the power supply to avoid burns.

4. Rice Cooker Temperature Control

Measure the internal temperature of rice through the thermistor, control the heating time of the electric heater according to the set temperature, and accurately control the degree of rice cooking.

5. Heat gun temperature detection

The thermistor is set at the air outlet of the hot air gun to detect the hot air temperature and feedback control the electric heating wire, so that the air temperature can be accurately controlled.

Ordering Instructions

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