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Office printer smart commercial thermistor sensor

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Product Overview

1. Our office thermistor has the following features: fast response, wear resistance, and high contact pressure, which reduces damage to rolls. 

2. This product is durable and can be used for a long time, and it is sealed with glass to enable measurement of the surface temperature and temperature difference of the heating element, and to ensure the quality of the product. 

3. Home office printer thermistor. Featuring a high-performance thermistor with high sensitivity and stability, this product can work in any environment. 

4. It also supports a wide range of colors to meet the needs of different users.

Product Parameter 



1. Detecting the temperature inside the printer

(1)As the printhead generates high temperature during the printing process. 

(2)The temperature sensor can monitor the temperature change inside the printer in real time to ensure the normal operation of the printer. 

(3)When the temperature sensor detects that the temperature exceeds the set range. 

(4)It will send a signal to the printer control system. Trigger the corresponding protective measures, such as automatic shutdown, reduce the printhead temperature. To protect the safe operation of the printer.

2. Controls the temperature of the ink cartridge 

(1)Temperature control of the ink cartridges is critical for print quality assurance. 

(2)If the temperature of the cartridge is too high or too low, it will affect the stability of the ink and the printing effect. 

(3)The temperature sensor can monitor the temperature of the cartridge in real time. 

(4)And through the feedback control system to adjust the working status of the heating or cooling device. 

(5)Ensure that the temperature of the ink cartridge is within a reasonable range to ensure the printing quality.

3. Detect the external ambient temperature of the printer

(1)Changes in the temperature of the external environment will have an impact on the work of the printer. 

(2)For example, high temperature environment is easy to damage the printer or reduce the working effect, low temperature environment will be limited by the printing speed, and so on. 

(3)Temperature sensor can sense the temperature change of external environment in time. 

(4)And through the control system to adjust the printer's working status. 

(5)To cope with different working environments, to ensure the stable operation of the printer.

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