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Office furniture automated equipment temperature sensors

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  • OP系列


Featuring a fast response, this temperature sensor is particularly suitable for use in laser printers and copiers, in addition to being equally suitable for use in office fax equipment, and is a standard type of temperature sensor. 

The associated data are: thermal time constant of 4 seconds and dissipation factor of 0.3 mW/°C. 

Because this RTD has an operating temperature range of 0°C to 230°C. Hence, the operating state of the thermistor can be controlled by adjusting the impedance of the circuit when it is used. 

A new type of temperature sensor, this thermistor has a promising application and great market potential.


It is a temperature sensor of great interest for multimedia equipment such as printers and copier rollers, since this thermistor is widely used in office automation equipment. 

Besides, this temperature sensor is able to be applied to lawn planters and is capable of detecting the temperature of the planters when it is running. 

If the temperature is above a certain rated limit, the thermal sensor will output a temperature warning and prevent the lawn mower from operating in an abnormal condition.

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Office furniture automated equipment fast response temperature sensors


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