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Compatible with laser printers office NTC thermistor sensors

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This thermistor for home printers features easy operation and long service life. 

Because of its inherent high sensitivity, this temperature sensor is able to respond in a short time. 

Since its material density is high and its packaging is special, it makes it a quality character that is resistant to wear and tear. 

Furthermore, the low contact pressure also reduces damage to the rollers. Excellent for use in office fax equipment and home printers.


As an important thermistor necessary for office printers, it is also applied widely to the rollers of printers and duplicators. 

Most prominent of them are used in color multifunctional models, not only laminators and lawn planters are also very necessary to have the protection of this temperature sensor in the process of use. 

For it detects the temperature of the device and automatically adjusts it to the right temperature when needed. 

Because this temperature detector is specially created for office printers, it will not be hot when you use it.

Product parameter characteristics

1. Response time: ≦10S

2. The dissipation coefficient: Approx. 0.3mW/℃,

3. Operation range of working temperature: 0℃~230℃ (heat sensitive part)

4. The steel plate welding resistance on the back of the wire, flat head down, polyimide film plane, round surface with Teflon film

Ordering instructions

Compatible with laser printers long life NTC thermistor sensors


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