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Office automation short response time temperature probe

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  • OL系列

Product Overview

1. In this OL series, the office-grade printer sensors are highly responsive and resistant to wear. Moreover, high contact pressure can minimize roller damage to a great extent. 

2. It is the best temperature sensor for laser printers. With an operating range of -20 to 230°C and a thermal time constant of less than 2 seconds, it helps the printer to work very consistently and properly.

printer sensor


(1)Temperature sensors are widely used in the office supply field. 

(2)They can be used in scenarios such as electronic device cooling management, water dispenser temperature control and temperature controlled filing cabinets to provide a better user experience and protect office supplies by monitoring and controlling temperature in real time.

1. Water dispenser temperature control

(1)Temperature sensors can be applied to water dispensers to monitor and control the temperature of drinking water. 

(2)Through the feedback of the sensor, the water dispenser can adjust the temperature of hot and cold water in real time to ensure that it provides appropriate drinking water temperature. 

(3)This not only provides users with a good drinking experience, but also saves energy and avoids waste.

2. Temperature controlled filing cabinets

(1)Temperature probes can be used to control the temperature of filing cabinets to protect sensitive documents and information stored in them. 

(2)The sensors monitor the temperature inside the filing cabinets and sound an alarm if the temperature exceeds a safe range. 

(3)In the case of a file cabinet, the sensor can also be integrated with an air conditioning system to automatically regulate the temperature around the cabinet, ensuring long-term document storage and fire safety.

3. Printer Thermal Management

(1)Temperature sensors can be used to monitor the temperature of electronic devices, such as computers, servers, printers, and more. 

(2)By monitoring the temperature of the printer in real time, the sensor can provide accurate data to help users know if the device is overheating. 

(3)When the temperature exceeds a set threshold, the sensor can trigger an alarm or automatically control fan operation to reduce the device temperature and protect it from overheating damage.

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