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Available for laser printer wear prevention temperature sensor

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Product Overview

Our temperature sensors are specially designed for laser printers and offer the following features and benefits. First, it uses a small size glass-encapsulated thermistor. Compact size for installation in confined spaces. Secondly, the light-touch contact design has a long life characteristic and can work stably for a long time. 

In addition, our temperature sensors are characterized by fast response and wear resistance, and are able to detect temperature changes quickly and accurately. and maintain stable performance. Most importantly, the light-touch contact design reduces damage to printer rollers. Extend the life of your printer.

We also offer customized services. Personalized customization according to customer needs to meet the requirements of different laser printers. Whether in high-temperature environments or high-speed printing, our temperature sensors provide reliable temperature monitoring and protection to ensure the stability and performance of laser printers.

Product parameter

temperature sensor


1. Temperature-controlled coffee machine

A coffee machine is an essential piece of equipment for the office. Temperature sensors can be embedded in coffee machines to monitor the temperature of the coffee and ensure that the right temperature is provided. 

The sensor can precisely measure the temperature of the coffee and adjust the temperature by controlling the heating element.In this way, employees can enjoy just the right amount of hot coffee in the office, increasing productivity and comfort.

2. Temperature-regulated air conditioning

Temperature regulation is an important factor in employee comfort and productivity in office buildings. This sensors can be embedded in the air conditioning system to monitor the indoor temperature in real time and automatically adjust the cooling or heating function of the air conditioner according to the set temperature requirements. 

In this way, the temperature in the office can be adjusted automatically, ensuring that employees work in a comfortable environment.

temperature sensor

3. Temperature-sensitive lighting

Lighting systems can be intelligently controlled using temperature sensors. The sensor can sense changes in the indoor temperature and automatically adjust the lighting brightness according to the set temperature range. When the indoor temperature is high, the lighting brightness can be reduced to reduce the generation of heat. 

And when the indoor temperature is low, the lighting brightness can be increased, providing more light and heat. In this way, the lighting system in the office can be intelligently adjusted to temperature changes, providing a comfortable lighting environment.

Ordering instructions

Available for laser printer wear prevention temperature sensor


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