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Office automatic flash response thermistors temperature sensors

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Established for office appliances, this temperature sensor is designed for use with laser printers and copiers. It is the most widely used office type temperature sensor, and its biggest feature is its short response time, with a thermal time constant of less than 3 seconds, which enables it to monitor temperature changes quickly. Moreover, this temperature sensor is hard and resistant to wear and tear, which can sustain a long usage with a long service life. In addition, due to its low contact pressure, it can reduce the wear and tear of the drum and enhance the service time of the machine. Its working temperature range is -20-230℃. Dissipation coefficient: 0.3mW/℃. 

A temperature sensor is a device that converts an externally sensed temperature signal into a useful electrical signal in a circuit. Temperature sensors include metal RTDs, thermocouples, and new integrated temperature sensors. Metal RTDs or thermocouples are commonly used in industrial temperature control systems, while new integrated temperature sensor devices are mostly used in small temperature measurement circuits.


Printer copiers are commonly used in the NTC, as the temperature rises, the thermistor resistance value decreases, thus controlling the temperature of the fixing. In the photocopying, the temperature of the powder heating should be controlled, too high a temperature will cause damage to the paper, too low a temperature so that the toner can not melt, the photocopied image will be blurred. 

Printer copiers selected NTC temperature sensor probe to monitor the fixing temperature, is generally the use of thin film type temperature sensor, this type of NTC temperature sensor close to the fixing roller, can be accurate to monitor the temperature. Widely used in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry, greenhouses, storage rooms, cooling rooms, building automation, environmental and ventilation control and other fields.

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Office automatic flash response thermistors temperature sensors


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