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Power vehicle frequency converter thermistor

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Product Overview

(1)Our temperature sensor offers a wide temperature range, from 1KΩ to 500KΩ, allowing for versatile applications. With high thermal conductivity, it provides accurate temperature measurements. 

(2)The sensor is known for its high reliability, ensuring consistent and dependable performance. It also boasts good insulation properties, making it safe to use in various environments.

(3)Additionally, it offers stable performance and can be customized to meet specific requirements. With an annual resistance drift rate of ≤ 1%, it can work reliably for extended periods. 

(4)Furthermore, it can be packaged according to installation conditions, and its integration of TPE resin and TPE wire ensures excellent waterproof capabilities.


car sensor


1. Battery Management Systems

(1)Electric vehicle sensors are used to monitor battery parameters such as temperature, voltage and current to ensure battery safety and performance. 

(2)The sensors can monitor the battery status in real time and provide accurate data for the control and optimization of the battery management system to extend the battery life.

2. Braking Systems

(1)This sensors can be used in the braking system to monitor the temperature of brake pads and discs, as well as brake fluid pressure. 

(2)The sensors can monitor the status of the braking system in real time and provide accurate data for braking force control and optimization, improving the safety and efficiency of the braking system.

3. Vehicle Safety Systems

(1)This sensors can be used in vehicle safety systems such as reversing radar and collision warning systems. 

(2)The sensors can monitor the distance and obstacles in the surrounding environment, provide accurate data for the control and alert of the safety system, and increase the safety and convenience of the driver.

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