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Adapters computers OT terminals temperature sensor

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Product Overview

(1)New energy vehicles use temperature sensors that mainly include sensors for detecting the temperature of the battery, temperature sensors for monitoring the motor, and temperature sensors for the battery cooling system.

(2)This automobile temperature sensor has high precision and good insulation performance. Thanks to the double-layer sealing technology, it can resist mechanical shock and has a certain bending range. 

(3)It can be better used for new energy vehicles with a stable maximum range of functions.

Product Parameter 



1. Global automobile market has thus entered a period of adjustment for industrial transformation and upgrading. 2. New energy vehicles have also entered a period of vigorous development. 

3. In new energy vehicles, the parts that need temperature sensors are BMS battery system, motor, lithium-ion equipment temperature management and energy storage temperature management.


1. Temperature sensors are configured in Li-ion battery chargers to measure the temperature rise of the battery during charging. 

2. Temperature is an important parameter for charging safety. 

3. It allows the charger to adjust the charging current in time to prevent the battery from overheating and causing safety hazards.

(2)Electric Motor

1. Inside the motor of an electric vehicle, temperature sensors are equipped to detect the temperature change of the winding. 

2. When the motor is running at high speed for a long time, the temperature of the winding will rise, and the temperature sensor allows the BMS to adjust the current to prevent overheating and damage. 

3. At the same time, the temperature data can also be used in the motor cooling system to ensure good heat dissipation.

(3)Production equipment

1. In lithium-ion battery production equipment, temperature sensors are set up to monitor temperature changes during battery assembly, formation and other processes. 

2. Temperature is critical to battery performance. 

3. The feedback data from the temperature sensors ensures accurate temperature control in each process step and guarantees the quality of the battery.


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