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Smart energy car ring head thermistor sensors

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Product Overview

(1)This thermistor is very easy to install. It uses a nickel-plated metal head for excellent stability and high sensitivity. It does not fall off easily during temperature measurement. 

(2)The overall performance of this thermistor is excellent due to its fast response and long service life, making it an excellent temperature measurement product.

(3)This thermistor offers effortless installation, boasting a nickel-plated metal head that ensures remarkable stability and sensitivity. 

(4)During temperature measurements, it remains firmly in place, preventing any accidental falls. Its swift response time and extended service life further contribute to its exceptional performance, making it a top-tier temperature measurement product.

battery storage


1. Battery Pack

In the battery pack cooling system of new energy vehicles, thermistors are crucial for temperature detection and overheating protection. 

They continuously monitor the battery's working temperature and prevent power failure when temperatures rise too high. 

By ensuring the power battery operates within its optimal temperature range, thermistors contribute to extending the battery's lifespan.

2. Medical Electronics

In medical electronics, thermistor temperature probes play a vital role in preventing overheating. These probes are strategically placed in devices to monitor their temperature levels. 

If the temperature surpasses a predetermined safe threshold, the thermistor swiftly disconnects the power supply to prevent any potential damage to the equipment. 

This not only safeguards the device but also reduces the risk of harm to patients, ensuring the continued reliable operation of expensive medical machinery.

3. Industrial Furnaces

In industrial furnace systems, thermistors serve as precise temperature measurement devices, providing valuable feedback to regulate the furnace's heating intensity. 

By accurately monitoring the furnace's temperature, real-time adjustments can be made to ensure that critical processes like sintering and heat treatment are carried out with precision. 

This not only optimizes product quality but also increases efficiency, reducing energy consumption and minimizing the risk of equipment damage due to overheating.

Ordering Instructions

Available for new energy motor vehicles ring head NTC thermistor sensors


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