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Wide resistance probe 10K NTC thermistor chip

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  • JST series

Product description

1. JST series NTC thermistors, or negative temperature coefficient thermistors, are electronic components that exhibit a decrease in resistance as temperature increases. These thermistors have a wide range of applications, including temperature measurement, temperature control, and automatic regulation. 

2. In the JST series, there are different types of NTC thermistors available. Compact chips offer a smaller form factor for space-constrained applications. Wide resistance chips provide a larger operating temperature range and increased stability in extreme environments. 

3. For high-temperature applications, JST series wide resistance NTC thermistors are recommended. On the other hand, if you require thermistors for low-temperature purposes, wide resistance chip NTC thermistors are suitable. 

4. Choose from the various offerings within the JST series to meet your specific requirements for accurate temperature sensing and control in diverse settings.

Factory R&D department


1. Industrial motor winding temperature monitoring

(1)By utilizing a small-sized SMD NTC sensor with high precision, this device is able to directly adhere to the winding of a motor. This innovative design allows for real-time detection of temperature rise within the motor windings. 

(2)By detecting excessive temperatures in advance, the device provides proactive protection for the motor, effectively preventing mechanical failures resulting from overheating.

2. Temperature control system of industrial oven

(1)A fast and responsive SMD chip NTC probe is utilized, which operates at various temperatures. 

(2)This probe is strategically placed in critical components to accurately measure and provide feedback on oven temperature changes. 

(3)With this precise control over the heating process, the baking quality of products can be significantly improved.

3. Robot Motion System

(1)Accurate temperature measurement of the robot arm and drive system is achieved through the utilization of small and highly sensitive SMD NTC sensors. 

(2)These sensors play a crucial role in protecting the system from potential overheating due to overload and prevent any damage to the mechanism as a result of excessive heat. 

(3)By implementing these advanced sensors, preemptive steps can be taken to ensure the optimal functioning and longevity of the system.

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