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High sensitivity waterproof glass package thermistor

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1. To ensure long-term stable use of resistance value

2. High resistance value and B value precision

3. Adopt glass package

4. It can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity

5. Small volume

6. Solid structure

7. Easy automatic installation

8. Thermal induction is fast

9.High sensitivity

Product Usage

1. Smart Toilet

The glass-sealed NTC temperature sensor plays a crucial role in smart toilets, ensuring precise control over seat and water temperatures. With its rapid response to temperature changes, the sensor provides real-time data, allowing smart toilets to automatically adjust temperatures according to user preferences, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. Its stainless steel casing ensures durability and stability in moist environments.

2. Water Heater

In water heaters, the glass-sealed NTC temperature sensor is used to monitor and regulate water temperature. Its high precision and quick response ensure that the water heater rapidly reaches the set temperature, providing a stable supply of hot water. The sensor's high-temperature resistance and reliability guarantee the safe operation and high efficiency of the water heater in various environments.

3. Coffee Machine

The glass-sealed NTC temperature sensor is employed in coffee machines to control water temperature, ensuring that each brew reaches the ideal temperature. The sensor accurately detects and adjusts the temperature of the heating element, enabling the coffee machine to swiftly respond to different brewing requirements, enhancing coffee flavor. Its stainless steel casing ensures durability in high-temperature and moist environments.

Product parameters

1. Thermal time constant: oil bath maximum 2s

2. Dissipation factor: about 0.5mW/℃ in still air

3. Rated power: maximum 35mW in still air

4. Insulation Resistance: 10MΩ between lead and glass

5. Operating temperature: -40~250℃


Ordering process:

1.Contact consultation,2.Customization requirements, 3.Seller quotation, 4.Advance deposit, 5.Arrange proofing, 6.Confirm artwork, 7.Produce products, 8.Settle delivery, 9.Confirm receipt

Package instruction:


Download Google:

Please inform the following parameters when ordering glass package thermistors:

1. What is the resistance requirement (you can select according to the above table, and special resistance can be customized)

2. How much B value is required (can be selected according to the above table)

3. Working environment (whether it needs to be waterproof, moisture-proof, cold-resistant, etc.)

4. Purpose: Choose different temperature-resistant wires, different resistance values for different purposes, etc.

5. What is the operating temperature range?

6. Accuracy requirements (1%-5% optional)

7. Shell size (all can be customized)

8. Line length (all can be customized)

9. Does the end of the wire need a connector? (Molex, JST, CJT, etc. are optional).

Conventional resistance RT table:



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