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NTC temperature sensor refriger ation cold chain system

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Product overview

(1)The temperature and humidity sensor used in the medical field has several key features. 

(2)Firstly, it offers high accuracy, good consistency, and interchangeable resistance value and B value. 

(3)Secondly, it provides good insulation, high reliability, and quick response. 

(4)Additionally, it is made of ABS plastic material, ensuring durability. The sensor also adopts a double-layer sealing process, which enhances insulation, mechanical impact resistance, and bending resistance. 

(5)Moreover, it can work stably for a long time with an annual resistance drift rate of ≤1%. Lastly, it can be encapsulated according to the specific installation conditions required.

home application


1. Intelligent Thermostat System

(1) The sensor may transfer data to the smart thermostat system while continuously monitoring the indoor temperature and humidity.

(2) To provide a suitable living environment, the system automatically modifies the indoor temperature and humidity based on the data provided by the sensor.

(3)To maintain indoor comfort and health, the system, for instance, can automatically turn on the air conditioner as the temperature rises in the summer and adjust the humidity.

2. Intelligent Greenhouse Control System

(1) Our sensors can keep tabs on the greenhouse's temperature and humidity and provide the information to the sophisticated control system.

(2) The technology can automatically alter the greenhouse's temperature and humidity based on data from the sensor to give plants the best possible growing conditions.

(3) For instance, during the chilly winter, the system can automatically turn on the heaters and adjust the humidity to maintain a constant temperature and humidity in the greenhouse and encourage plant development.

3. Smart Home Security System

(1)Inside temperature and humidity can be monitored by the sensor and connected to the security system. 

(2)When the temperature or humidity is out of the set range, the sensor will automatically trigger an alarm and notify the home owner at the same time. 

(3)This allows potential fire, water leakage and other safety hazards to be detected in time, protecting the lives and properties of family members. 

(4)For example, when the temperature rises abnormally, the system can automatically turn off electrical equipment and notify the owner to prevent fire.

Ordering Instructions

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