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High temperature resistant glass metal tube splicing NTC temperature sensor

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NTC thermistor chip as the core component, thermistor and temperature sensor composed of different packaging forms are widely used in various temperature detection, temperature compensation, temperature control circuits, which can convert the temperature variable into the required circuit The central role of the electronic signal.
With the development of electronic technology, NTC thermal chips are used more and more in various occasions that require temperature detection, control, and compensation. At the same time, the NTC temperature sensor structure puts forward higher and higher requirements. In order to achieve high sensitivity and rapid detection, the temperature sensor structure design must have strong mechanical properties.
However, the existing glass-ceramic spliced temperature sensor is spliced by a glass bulb and a ceramic tube. The ceramic tube plays a protective role to prevent the lead from pulling apart and causing the glass bulb to crack, resulting in electrical performance failure; however, the ceramic tube is relatively brittle and easy to crack under force. , The protective effect is not obvious.

Therefore, the glass-metal tube splicing high-temperature high-sensitivity temperature sensor has the advantages of fast response speed, sensitive detection, and high mechanical strength. It uses a flat front design glass bulb to contact the temperature measurement point, which makes the reaction time faster, and the metal tube and the glass bulb are spliced to make the temperature sensor more mechanical strength.

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