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Temperature sensor in a constant temperature swimming pool

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The water temperature of the constant temperature swimming pool is generally maintained at 26-28 degrees Celsius, and people can enjoy swimming no matter in winter or summer. The constant temperature swimming pool can maintain a certain temperature, thanks to the temperature sensor in the swimming pool temperature control system. Its working principle is that the temperature sensor measures the water temperature in the swimming pool in real time and feeds it back to the microcontroller for processing and then transmits it to the heat pump. The heat pump absorbs the low-level heat energy in the air and the heat energy generated by the compressor, heats the cold water flowing into the heat pump, and outputs hot water to the swimming pool. , To achieve the purpose of constant temperature control.

In some swimming pools, the water temperature is required to be relatively constant during normal use, rather than being hot and cold. At this time, a constant temperature system equipped with an automatic temperature control function is required, and a thermostat equipped with an NTC temperature sensor is used to realize the purpose of automatically adjusting the water temperature at the preset temperature.

In this type of water temperature control system, the temperature sensor is installed on the swimming pool circulation pipeline. Of course, the pipe water temperature at this location can represent the existing pool temperature. When the temperature sensor transmits the monitored pipeline water temperature to the thermostat, the thermostat will automatically compare with the manually set temperature. When the water temperature is lower than the set temperature, the heat pump receives the information, and its compressor starts to work to generate heat. , So that the pool water can be heated.

With the continuous improvement of thermistor and temperature sensor technology, especially in some large swimming pools, the application of temperature sensors and thermostats can scientifically control the temperature of the swimming pool water and bring people a healthy and comfortable enjoyment.

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