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Temperature sensor applied to printer copier

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With the rapid development of the times, the use of NTC temperature sensors has become more and more widespread. Both household appliances and office automation equipment will have built-in NTC temperature sensors to monitor the temperature, making the living and working environment more comfortable and convenient. NTC temperature sensor has become one of the indispensable components of home appliances and office automation equipment. The following mainly describes the temperature sensor used in the copier.
Copiers use negative temperature coefficient thermistors. Generally, a multimeter is used to measure the resistance of the thermistor at room temperature to several tens of kiloohms. When using a cup of hot water to stick on the thermistor or use an electric soldering iron to approach it, The resistance value will drop significantly (below 1KΩ), indicating that the thermistor is normal; if the resistance value of the thermistor remains unchanged or the resistance value is above 5KΩ, it means that the thermistor has failed and should be replaced . This is just an ordinary test method. Our company uses a constant temperature oil tank to measure. As long as the measured resistance is within the accuracy range, the thermistor is no problem. If it exceeds the tolerance range, the thermistor will fail.

The NTC temperature sensor of the copier is fixed on a metal bracket and encapsulated in a high-temperature resistant film with high-temperature silica gel. It is connected to the processing circuit of the copier through a lead wire, and its wire is connected to the metal connector and the plastic seat connector. The temperature sensor is characterized by fast response speed, high reliability, good stability, good heat cycle ability and high temperature resistance. When it is installed in the fixing device of the copier, it can quickly complete the copying work.

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