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Automatic cooking machine and NTC temperature sensor

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With the development of electronic technology, smart home has become a major trend, and more and more household appliances are intelligent and automated. Smart toilets, automatic coffee machines, automatic dishwashers, automatic cooking machines, etc. appear in many homes.

The automatic cooking machine is an intelligent kitchen appliance, which is characterized by simple operation and no oily smoke. It has the functions of automatic frying, frying, cooking, frying, blasting, braising, steaming, boiling, brazing, stewing, and boiling in one pot. The principle is that the wok has a pre-heating function before cooking. When the temperature of the wok is not reached, the lid on the wok can not be covered and will not cook; when the temperature in the wok rises to the cooking temperature, The temperature sensing device of the cooking pot immediately instructs the cooking machine to automatically close the lid tightly, and then the cooking is automatic. It can be seen that temperature control is an important electronic component for cooking machines. Therefore, a built-in NTC temperature sensor is required to monitor the temperature of the cooking machine.

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