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Sensor for detecting water temperature of smart toilet

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The development of intelligence has driven the development of smart homes, among which smart toilets have gradually entered more and more homes. The smart toilet is a relatively convenient, environmentally friendly and highly experienced toilet. It has seat heating function, hands-free buttocks washing function, feminine washing function, warm air drying, self-cleaning spray bar, anti-virus and deodorizing functions. The realization of the above functions is attributed to the temperature sensor. The smart toilet needs to have multiple NTC temperature sensors built-in to realize the functions of warm air drying, seat heating, temperature adjustment and so on.

The buttocks washing function and the feminine washing function all need to adjust the water temperature. The water temperature sensor is designed with a high-sensitivity glass-sealed thermistor and a stainless steel shell. It is connected to a PVC wire and adopts a double-layer sealing process. It has good insulation and tightness and high reliability. The waterproof performance is good, and the response speed is fast, the fastest can reach 0.5S, suitable for smart toilets, smart sanitary ware and other products.

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