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transmission bluetooth steam oven smart home temperature sensor

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Product description

This high temperature resistant component offers precise resistance value and B value. Encased in a glass package, it can withstand harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity. Its compact size and solid structure make it easy to install automatically. With good stability and high reliability, this component ensures consistent performance.

Product Applications

1. Signal Lights

(1)Typically, time scheduling is used to turn on and off conventional traffic signals.

(2)But in crowded cities, where traffic flow changes substantially, arranging traffic signals is less flexible.

(3)Real-time road temperature monitoring is possible by putting temperature sensors on traffic lights.

(4)The flow of traffic could increase as the temperature rises.

(5)At this moment, the signal's duration can be automatically changed to enhance traffic flow.

traffic light

2. Public Transportation

(1)During rush hours, public transit vehicles like buses and subways are frequently crowded, raising the temperature within the vehicle.

(2)The temperature inside the car may be checked in real time by adding temperature sensors.

(3)To create a more comfortable riding experience, the interior air conditioner's operation mode is changed in response to temperature changes.

3. Accident Early Warning System

(1)Unfavorable weather conditions, such as slippery or flooded roadways, frequently contribute to traffic accidents.

(2)Real-time monitoring of the temperature of the road surface is possible by putting temperature sensors on the surface.

(3)The technology can automatically send the driver a warning signal when the temperature is near to or below freezing.

(4)They are urged to take the necessary precautions to prevent road accidents.

Product Parameters

temperature sensor

Ordering Instructions

temperature sensor

RT table of conventional resistance values

RT table


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