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Epoxy encapsulated smart toilet NTC thermistor resistors

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Product Overview

This smart toilet temperature sensor is encapsulated in epoxy sealed glass. It can be used for temperature control and abnormality monitoring of smart toilet. The sensor has high precision, good consistency of resistance and B-value, and can be used interchangeably.

It has a double-layer sealing process, with excellent insulation and sealing performance. It is resistant to impact, bending and deformation, high reliability, can work stably for a long time, the annual drift rate is less than 1‰. This temperature sensor response quickly, is the ideal choice for intelligent toilet temperature detection and control.


1. Water tank temperature monitoring

Placing a sensor inside the water tank. This sensor is used to detect the water temperature. If it detects that the water temperature is too low, it will automatically activate the heater. The heater is activated to heat the water. This ensures that the water used for washing is at the right temperature.

2. Toilet seat temperature control

Built into the toilet seat is a sensor. When the sensor detects that the seat temperature is too high, it automatically activates the ventilation fan. The fan is activated to provide forced cooling of the toilet seat. This ensures that the temperature of the toilet seat is appropriate.

3. Drying Temperature Control

In the toilet bowl, a sensor is placed in the drying port. This sensor feeds back temperature data. Based on the temperature data from the sensor, the strength of the hot air can be intelligently adjusted. This adjustment of the strength of the hot air is to achieve precise control of the drying temperature.

Ordering Instructions

temperature sensor

RT table of conventional resistance values

RT table of conventional resistance values


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