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Fuel engine boiler and fryer temperature sensor

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Product description

1. This high-performance temperature sensor is designed for a wide range of applications, including boilers, fryers, microwave ovens, and other household appliances. 

2. It is equipped with a stainless steel floor ring and metal head, providing ultra high temperature resistance and high sensitivity. The sensor has excellent waterproof property, ensuring reliable operation in harsh environments.

Product advantages

1. Extremely high temperature resistance

This deep fryer temperature sensor is extremely resistant to heat. Its stainless steel base ring and metal head allow it to perform reliably in high temperature conditions. 

Our sensors can resist high temperatures in a deep fryer, oven, or other high temperature cooking equipment to ensure accurate temperature measurement and safe and dependable temperature management.

2. High Sensitivity

The temperature sensors on our fryers are extremely sensitive. 

The sensors can detect temperature changes quickly and deliver reliable temperature readings. 

This allows users to adjust the temperature precisely and create crispy, colorful, and tasty fried food. 

The sensor's high sensitivity also allows for more accurate temperature monitoring to ensure food safety while cooking.

3. Excellent waterproof performance

Our deep fryer temperature sensor has excellent waterproof performance. 

The sensor has a special sealing design that prevents moisture from penetrating the sensor, ensuring stability and reliability. 

This allows the sensor to work properly in wet environments such as deep fryers without being affected by moisture, providing accurate temperature measurement and control.

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1、Refrigerator Temperature Sensor

(1)The refrigerator has a built-in temperature sensor that monitors the internal temperature of the freezer and refrigerator in real time. 

(2)When the temperature is high, the sensor sends out a signal to trigger the refrigeration system to enhance refrigeration. 

(3)When the temperature reaches the standard, the refrigeration capacity will be reduced, which can ensure that the food is stored in the optimal temperature range and extend the storage period.

2、Washing machine temperature sensor

(1)A temperature probe is installed in the washing machine to detect changes in water temperature in real time during the washing process. 

(2)When the water temperature is too high, it is lowered and when it is too low, it is heated. 

Ensure that different materials are washed at the most suitable temperature range to prevent fabric damage.

3、Oven Temperature Sensor

(1)The user sets the target temperature of the oven according to the type of food, and the sensor detects the real-time temperature inside the oven. 

(2)The sensor detects the real-time temperature in the oven and precisely controls the heating time to stabilize the temperature at the set value. Realize the baking food just right.

Ordering Instructions

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Q: How can I place my order?

A: Please find our email address in Contact Us and send us an email. We will reply to you when we receive the e-mail.

Q: What is the production time of the samples?

A: We can arrange shipment for you within 3 days if the samples are in stock. It takes us 15 days to prepare if the samples are not in stock.


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