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High precision PT100 temperature sensor for photo machine

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High-precision Insulation PT100 Temperature Sensor for Photo Machine/Dishwasher/Disinfecting Machine/Washing Machine/Medical Equipment/Motor/Computer 1. Adopt PT100 platinum resistance

2. High precision, the resistance accuracy can be stabled always.
3. Good insulation, high reliability, quick response
4. Adopt double-layer sealing process with good insulation sealing, mechanical impact resistance,bending resistance and high reliability
5. Can work stably for a long time (annual resistance drift rate ≤1‰)
6. Can be encapsulated according to the installation conditions used, in order to easy for install.


1. Photo machine
2. Can test temperature at higher temperature.
3. Combustion machine, dishwasher, disinfecting machine, washing machine, automobile temperature control system, medical equipment, new temperature measurement,communication equipment
4. Printer, copier , motor, computer, optical communication module temperature control, industrial automation equipment, temperature control instrument microwave oven

Parameter Characteristics

1. Thermal reaction time: up to 12 seconds in water bathIMG_256

2. Dissipation factor: about 2.8mW/℃ in standing air
3. Withstand voltage test: after one second , there is  no flashover, breakdown and other abnormal phenomena in the steel ball.
4. Insulation test:≥100MΩ
5. Rated power:2mW
6. Operating temperature range:-20℃~105℃

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Ordering Instructions
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RT table of conventional resistance values



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