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Dehumidifier and NTC temperature sensor

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The climate in the south is humid and the weather is humid. Once back to the south, the entire room will become very humid. The clothes are not dry, and the windows cannot be opened, otherwise the outside moisture will come in. With the development of the times, dehumidifiers have slowly appeared in our lives. For humid weather, the dehumidifier is a great savior.
The working principle of the dehumidifier is that the humid air from the outside is brought in by the fan of the dehumidifier, and the water molecules in the air are condensed into droplets through the heat exchanger. After the remaining treatment, the dry air is discharged out of the machine, and it keeps working in circulation to maintain indoor humidity. .
In the operation of the dehumidifier, the NTC temperature sensor plays an important role. NTC temperature sensors commonly used in dehumidifiers include indoor environmental thermistors, indoor coil thermistors, and outdoor coil thermistors. The temperature sensor in the household dehumidifier has two main functions: one is to realize the automatic control of the comfort of the dehumidifier; the other is to play a protective role.

The TS series ground-ring NTC temperature sensor produced by Aisheng is welded with a high-precision NTC thermistor and wire. It is packaged in a ground ring with insulating, heat-conducting, and waterproof materials, which is convenient for installation, temperature measurement and control. Suitable for temperature measurement of various dehumidifiers.

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