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Do you know the knowledge of epoxy thermistor?

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Technological innovation has caused changes in the productivity of different industries. The production of the resistor industry relies heavily on technology. Due to the updated technology, the thermal insulation performance of epoxy resin thermistor is better than other resistors, the quality function is continuously optimized, and the performance is continuously improved to meet the needs of other industries. It can detect temperature and control in real-time. Keep the temperature within a reasonable range and maintain a safe area.

epoxy thermistor

What is the resistivity of an epoxy thermistor?

What is the manufacturing process of an epoxy thermistor?

Why does temperature affect the value of epoxy thermistor?

What is the resistivity of an epoxy thermistor?

The resistivity of epoxy thermistor: Surface resistance or volume resistance is usually used to describe the resistance characteristics of materials. The surface resistance is simply the resistance value measured between two electrodes on the same surface, and the unit is Ω. Combining the shape of the electrode and the resistance value can be calculated by calculating the surface resistivity per unit area. Volume resistance is also called volume resistivity and volume resistivity, which refers to the resistance value through the thickness of the material, and is an important indicator of the electrical properties of dielectric or insulating materials. It represents the resistance of 1cm2 dielectric to leakage current, and the unit is Ω·m or Ω·cm. The greater the resistivity, the better the insulation performance.

What is the manufacturing process of an epoxy thermistor?

It uses high temperature vacuum deposition technology to firmly bond the carbon to the surface of the porcelain rod to form a carbon film, then add suitable cutting agents and epoxy the surface to protect the gasket.

The thickness of the carbon film determines the size of the resistor, and the thickness of the film and notch are commonly used to control the resistance.

The price is cheap, the accuracy is low (about ±5%), the stability is good, and the resistance and power range are relatively wide. It belongs to the negative temperature coefficient resistance (the temperature rises, the resistance decreases).

Not suitable for high-precision use environments (operational amplifier amplification, DCDC power divider, etc.).

Why does temperature affect the value of epoxy thermistor?

Because temperature affects the temperature coefficient of resistivity, the temperature coefficient of resistivity of most metal materials is approximately equal to four thousandths, such as the common silver, copper, gold, and aluminum. A few materials like constantan and manganese copper have extremely small resistivity temperature coefficients and can be used to make precision resistance components (the same reason that constantan wires are used as sampling resistors).

The continuous innovation of technology has brought about changes in different industries. Resistors are widely used in various electrical appliances. Due to material reasons, the epoxy resin thermistor protects the thermistor more strongly, prevents high-temperature damage to the thermistor, and prolongs the life of the thermistor. Our company has professional and exquisite technical production personnel who can create high-quality epoxy thermistors for you. At the same time, we have a complete after-sales system to solve any questions for you. If you want to order an epoxy thermistor, please click our company website:

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