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-65℃ fireplace adjustable transmission temperature switch

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  • JP10-BB5D

Product description 

(1)This temperature switch is a highly reliable and accurate device used to monitor and control temperature. 

(2)It is designed to open or close at a specific temperature, ensuring that the temperature of a process or system remains within the desired range. 

(3)It is made up of a variety of components, including the housing, moving contacts, static contacts, bimetal, mounting and insulating sleeve. 

(4)The materials used to manufacture these components ensure that the switch can withstand high temperatures and harsh environments.

Temperature Switch



JP10 Series:DC12V-12A、AC115V-15A、AC250V-10A

Model Specifications:

10——Product number

BB5D——Plastic case normally closed 18 package

XX℃——Rated breaking temperature

JP——Supplier name


1. Refrigerator

(1)Inside the refrigerator, a temperature sensor measures the ambient temperature. 

(2)It sends the data to the refrigerator's computer system. 

(3)If the temperature exceeds the set point, the sensor triggers a signal that turns the compressor and refrigeration system on, blowing more cold air into the refrigerator to lower the temperature back to the target range. 

(4)In this way, the refrigerator stays continuously cool, preventing food from spoiling.

2. Oven

(1)Recessed temperature sensors embedded in the walls of the oven track the internal temperature. 

(2)As the oven preheats, the sensor monitors the rising heat. 

(3)Once the set baking temperature is reached, the sensor prompts the heating element to switch off. 

(4)During the baking process, it will continue to measure temperature fluctuations and signal the heating element to turn on or off as needed for precise heat control to prevent burnt or undercooked food.

3. Air Conditioner

(1)Air conditioners have temperature sensors on them that measure the room temperature. 

(2)The user can set the desired temperature on the control panel. 

(3)If the sensor detects that the room temperature is higher than the set value, it activates the cooling system to blow cold air until the target temperature is reached. 

(4)In this way, the air conditioner maintains a steady level of comfort.

Product Operating Temperature Correspondence Table 



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