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JP10-BB5D-105℃ high current temperature switch

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  • JP10-BB5D

Product description 

(1)A high-quality temperature control device is JP10-BB5D-105°C. The switch uses a high-precision temperature sensor to continuously track the outside temperature. 

(2)To guarantee the accuracy and safety of temperature management, the switch will automatically switch whenever the temperature reaches the predetermined threshold.

(3)JP10-BB5D-105°C temperature switch is widely used in industry, electronics, automotive, and other areas because of its dependable and stable performance. 

(4)It has a small design, is simple to install, and operate.

Temperature Switch

Product Parameter

JP10 series:DC12V-12A, AC115V-15A, AC250V-10A

Model specification:

10——Product number

BB5D-plastic case normally closed 18 package

XX°C——rated breaking temperature

JP - name of supplier

Product Application

1. Laboratory

(1)For experiments to be accurate and safe, laboratories must maintain a constant temperature.

(2)A acceptable temperature range can be established by adding a temperature switch. 

(3)The temperature switch controls the start and stop of the air conditioner or electric heater and achieves temperature control when the temperature rises or falls above or below the preset threshold.

2. Classroom

(1)When the environment is conducive to learning, pupils are better able to focus and retain information. 

(2)To maintain a suitable learning environment, temperature switches can be installed to automatically control the start and stop of the classroom heater or air conditioner in response to changes in the indoor temperature.

3. Cafeteria

(1)The temperature in the cafeterias and kitchens of the school can vary substantially, which has an effect on the staff's working conditions as well as the quality and safety of the food. 

(2)The cafeteria and kitchen's temperature can be continuously checked by installing temperature switches. 

(3)The temperature switch will sound an alarm or turn off the power if the temperature rises above the set point. 

(4)The cafeteria and kitchen's temperature are kept within safe ranges via prompt procedures.

Product Operating Temperature Correspondence Table 

temperature switch


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