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JP10-BB5D-110℃ high current temperature switch

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Product description 

(1)This temperature switch uses cutting-edge temperature sensor technology, which can track the surrounding temperature in real time and switch automatically based on the predetermined threshold. 

(2)It can maintain a steady temperature environment for a variety of settings and has precise temperature control capabilities.

(3)The temperature switch also features a smart feature that can be connected to other smart gadgets to enable intelligent temperature control.

Temperature Switch


Product Parameters

JP10 Series:DC12V-12A、AC115V-15A、AC250V-10A

Model Specifications:

10——Product number

BB5D——Plastic case normally closed 18 package

XX℃——Rated breaking temperature

JP——Supplier name

Product Application 

1. Operating Room

(1)To ensure a flawless surgical procedure, the environment in the operating room needs to be maintained at a steady temperature. 

(2)Real-time monitoring of the operating room's temperature is possible by installing temperature sensors in the space.

(3)Additionally, it automatically modifies the air conditioning system's settings to keep the operating room at the right temperature for both patients' and doctors' comfort.

2. Cold chain storage area

(1)Numerous drugs and vaccinations must be kept in a refrigerated or frozen form by hospitals.

(2)Installing temperature sensors in the cold chain storage area enables real-time temperature monitoring.

(3)If the temperature deviates from the predetermined range, the system will immediately sound an alarm.

(4)To ensure the safety and quality of the medications and immunizations, the staff should change the temperature.

3. Labor and Delivery Ward

(1)Baby's health can be impacted by the environment's temperature because newborns are extremely sensitive to it. 

(2)The ambient temperature in labor and delivery rooms can be tracked in real time by installing temperature sensors.

(3)To maintain a consistent temperature in the delivery room that falls within the acceptable range, the heating or cooling system automatically makes adjustments. 

(4)Give neonates a cozy and secure environment so they can develop.

Product Operating Temperature Correspondence Table

RT table


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