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Industrial Insulated pipe sleeve thermal switch

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  • JP06 series

The JP06 Temperature Switch Controller is a versatile and reliable device, offering a choice of activation temperatures ranging from 130°C to 150°C with a tolerance of ±5°C. The exterior can be customized with either a durable iron casing or a robust plastic shell, based on customer preferences. We provide flexible customization options to meet specific requirements, including detailed product drawings and specifications. 

Ideal for various applications, the JP06 ensures precise temperature control and dependable performance. Choose the JP06 Temperature Switch Controller for your temperature regulation needs and experience unparalleled reliability and customization.

Product description

1. A slow jump type, the JP06 series has a tiny return difference, perfect temperature control, and a long life. 

2. It is frequently utilized in daily life in the electric heating industry for items like medical heating pads, electric heated seats, and electric heated blankets.

3. This temperature switch uses a slow-jump type bimetal, which is why it is a slow-jump type. 

4. Its most notable quality is that it is noiseless. 

5. Additionally, because of its compact structure, it can discharge both in one direction and in multiple directions, making installation straightforward and practical.

temperature switchtemperature switchtemperature switch

Product Application

1. Automatic Flush Control

(1)A temperature switch can be installed in the toilet cistern to provide automated flush control. 

(2)The system will automatically activate the flushing mechanism to lower the interior temperature of the toilet and create a more comfortable atmosphere for use when the temperature switch determines that the ambient temperature of the toilet is too high. 

(3)This kind of application situation is appropriate for public restrooms or locations with lots of visitors, making sure that each visitor may have a clean and pleasant experience.

2. Security Alarm System

(1)Temperature switches that are put in toilets allow for the monitoring of unusual temperature fluctuations inside the toilet. 

(2)For instance, if the temperature switch notices abnormally high temperatures within the toilet, it can be a sign of a fire risk or another emergency. 

(3)As soon as possible, the system will sound an alarm to notify staff so they may take prompt action to protect themselves. 

(4)This use case is appropriate for all types of restrooms, particularly those in large buildings, commercial spaces, and public areas.

3. Intelligent Energy Saving Lighting System

(1)To automatically modify lighting brightness in response to variations in the temperature within the toilet, toilet temperature switches can be linked to the lighting fixtures. 

(2)For instance, the system may dim the brightness of the lights or turn off a portion of the fixture to save energy when the temperature switch determines that no one is using the restroom or when the outside temperature is low. 

(3)All sorts of toilets that are not only user-friendly but also offer energy savings and environmental preservation can be used in such application settings.

Order Caution

  • Sealed with epoxy resin to form an impermeable protective layer, which can effectively isolate the influence of the external environment on the interior.

  • With an IP00 protection rating, the switch can be protected from external substances to a certain extent.

  • Please note, however, that the product is not designed to withstand large shocks. Care should be taken during installation to avoid damage to the switch.

  • Customized parameters such as operating temperature, reset temperature, and wire gauge can be provided according to customer's requirements.


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