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Intelligent home threaded head Thermistors

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Product Overview

(1)Our home water heater temperature sensor offers several advantages. 

(2)Firstly, it adopts a metal housing with threads, which makes it more robust and durable. Secondly, the sensor has good waterproof performance, which enables it to work properly in humid environments. 

(3)At the same time, the sensor has good insulation performance and fast response ability, which can accurately measure the temperature. 

(4)In addition, the sensor can work stably for a long time and is very easy to install. 

(5)We welcome customized parameters according to customer needs. Last but not least, the sensors have a wide range of operating temperatures and can operate normally in the temperature range of -40 to 200℃. 

(6)All in all, our home water heater temperature sensors are stable and reliable, easy to install and adaptable to a wide range of temperatures, which can meet users' needs for temperature measurement.

Product Applications


  • Applicable to solar water heaters, automatic water dispensers, home heaters and other household appliances, can detect the temperature and operating status of these devices.

  • Can also be used in dishwashers, ultraviolet disinfection cabinets, automatic washing machines, dryers and other home appliances, especially low-temperature drying function.

  • It can also be applied in automobile air conditioning system to detect the temperature and air conditioning status in the car.

  • Widely used in a variety of electrical appliances, meters, electronic products, to achieve intelligent monitoring.

  • Can be used in medical equipment, food processing, daily necessities and other fields, monitoring temperature, humidity and other parameters.

  • In the building decoration, environmental protection and energy saving, new energy industry also has applications, to achieve intelligent management.

  • Adopting advanced production technology and testing equipment, the quality management system is perfect, to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

Wire rod

Wire rod selection

Product Advantages

1. Domestic Water Heater Temperature Sensors

(1)With advanced technology, our domestic water heater temperature sensors are able to accurately measure the internal temperature of the water heater. 

(2)Users can adjust the water heater settings based on the measurement results to ensure a safe and comfortable hot water supply. 

(3)With high accuracy and stability, the sensor provides reliable temperature data to help users realize energy-saving and comfortable home life.

2. Thread head NTC thermistor

(1)Using an NTC thermistor with a thread head, our sensors are characterized by high sensitivity and fast response. 

(2)This design allows the sensor to quickly sense temperature changes and accurately reflect them in the measurement results. 

(3)Users can keep abreast of the temperature of the water heater and make adjustments accordingly to ensure the quality and stability of the hot water supply.

3. High sensitivity home thermistor

(1)In our home water heater temperature sensors we have a high sensitivity home thermistor. 

(2)This means that the sensor is able to respond precisely to small temperature changes, providing accurate temperature measurements. 

(3)The high sensitivity allows the user to control the temperature of the water heater more carefully to meet individual needs. 

(4)Whether it's a comfortable bath temperature or a warm wash water temperature, our sensors can help users achieve it.

Ordering Instructions

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