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For hair straighteners Insulation custom temperature sensor

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Product Overview

1. Encapsulated NTC thermistor temperature sensor with epoxy resin

2. Broad range resistance: 1KΩ~200KΩ

3. Superior precision, good consistency, interchangeable resistance values and B-values

4. Well insulated, efficient and reliable, fast response time

5. Adopting double-layer sealing process, good insulation, resistant to mechanical shock and bending

6. Long-term stable work (annual drift rate of resistance value ≤ 1‰)

7. Available for encapsulation according to the installation conditions of use

8. Operating temperature range: -40~240℃

hair straightener

Product Advantages

(1)The hair straightener temperature sensor uses low-power household thermal sensor technology to detect temperature changes and ensure that the hair straightener operates within a safe temperature range, preventing overheated damage.

(2)To assure the sensor's accuracy and reliability, the product employs a high voltage NTC temperature sensor with outstanding pressure resistance that can work stably in high voltage situations.

(3)The temperature sensor has high-precision measurement capability, allowing it to detect temperature changes in the hair straightener fast and accurately, giving users with precise temperature control and achieving a more optimal hair straightening effect.


  • It can not only be used in household appliances, but also widely used in air-conditioning equipment, heating equipment, medical equipment and other fields.

  • It can be used in temperature controllers, electronic gifts, electronic thermometers and other electronic products to realize intelligent temperature sensing.

  • Automotive temperature measurement is also one of its application scenarios.

  • The sensor is also used in electronic calendars, rechargeable battery packs and chargers.

  • Hair straighteners are another major use.

  • In the electric power, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, the sensor can improve work efficiency, reduce costs, with energy saving and environmental protection advantages, is an important product.

NTC temperature sensor selection

temperature sensor

RT table of conventional resistance values

RT table


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